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LAST UPDATED: 4-8, New HexPainted Litter (Danes), New Arrivals, Unreleased Downloads Avail from Us (Review Page)..

Hiya & Welcome to LKC. If *ANYONE* has any shows (posing or Silly pics) that need entries, lemme know with a URL, rules, etc. One more thing before I forget, please don't ask for Alamar & Chant (upper corner of the frames aka Marble & Wheaton Danes), Yes I did make them, and no, sorry, I'm not giving out copies. There may be a litter in a few weeks, but for now I want them to stay unique.

Latest SB Breed! For more breedz (Azura Namirs, Carlin Terriers,Grecian Nyx, American Retrievers, Desert Tigerz, Golden Oriental Shorthairs), see the Selective Breeding Page!
Toy Chailian Terriers

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