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Teresa Edgerton

Teresa Edgerton is one of my favorite authors for her prose and characterizations.


Consisting of Child of Saturn, The Moon in Hiding, and The Work of the Sun, this is a wonderfully characterized, wonderfully realized epic. The plot centers around Teleri, the wizard Glastyn's timid apprentice. (To call her a misanthrope would be an understatement.) Glastyn has disappeared, leaving Teleri the sole heir to prevent Diaspad from working her magic over the people. With her is Ceilyn MacCuel, the Queen's morally tortured champion. Set in a solid Celtic fantasy realm, this trilogy is good-- it really grew on me.


This trilogy (Castle of the Silver Wheel, The Ring and the Grail, and The Moon and the Thorn) focuses on a minor character present in The Green Lion Trilogy-- Gwenlliant. Narrowly saved from an unpleasant marriage at an early age, she is instead wed to her kinsman, Triffyn. Rather than settling down, she goes on to discover how to use her magical powers...and it goes on from there. I didn't find these as good as the earlier trilogy, but they're still quite readable.


This is a set of two books-- Goblin Moon and The Gnome Engine. Goblin Moon is a quasi-Victorian fantasy set in a world resembling that of somewhat Victorian times. There are basically two plots here; one regarding a corpse found in the river, and the other (and much better one) about the adventures of Lord Skelbrooke and Seramarias Vorder. Skelbrooke is probably one of my favorite characters ever-- a perfect gentlemen, powdered and dressed to perfection-- and armed to the teeth with such things as exploding pocket watches, knives in canes, deadly powders, etc. Seramarias is our heroine, and while not unrealistically tomboyish, she is quite good at escaping unwanted attentions. The only drawback to this unabashed swashbuckling was the rather dull side-plot dealing with the corpse...oh well.

A sequel to Goblin Moon, The Gnome Engine does not contain the court intrigue and swashbuckling as was found in its predecessor. It does, however, answer some crucial questions left hanging in Goblin Moon, and Skelbrooke and Sera are as engaging characters as ever. Set in a sort of quasi-America rather than England, The Gnome Engine can be quite confusing, and the disparate plot lines only merge at the end.

A new book! The Queen's Necklace comes out in July!

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