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Shirley Rosseau Murphy

Shirley Rosseau has written one book that I really like as a retelling of Cinderella.


Thursey, used as a servant by her atrocious stepmother and sisters who insist their father died like a coward, has only two friends. Her monk friend, who taught her how to paint and read, and an old, bony, white mare. When the prince and his mother come home from the hills where they have been recovering from their wounds, their goat-boy, Gilly, also comes. He befriends Thursey and insists that she go to the ball being thrown in the honor of the prince's return. He even procures a beautiful gown for her. But who IS Gilly really? And with her stepmother, will she make it to the ball? As there are no fairy godmothers, it is up to Thursey to make her own dreams come true.

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