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Rosemary Edghill

Rosemary Edghill is a very versatile and entertaining author (also known as eluki bes shahar) and has written several books I like.


This series, belying its title, only has three books: The Sword of Maiden's Tears, The Cup of Morning Shadows, and The Cloak of Night and Daggers. The first one is an urban fantasy, where the next two take place mostly in fantasy land. In the first, Melior has lost his sword-- an elfin sword that will mean the doom of all of humans. His only allies are Ruth, a librarian who seems oddly familiar and her college friends. This has been done before, but it's done quite well here.

CAROLUS REX with Andre Norton

Yeah! Regency fantasy! This four (projected) book series is set in an alternate universe where Napoleon is unstoppable and the colonies have not yet revolted against England.

*The Shadow of Albion*

Sarah, the Marchioness of Roxbury, is a headstrong and selfish woman whose stupidity causes her death. Before she dies, though, her alternate from our version of earth is brought in to replace her. Strongly reminiscent of The Scarlet Pimpernel, the bewildered new marchioness and her fiance Wessex are caught up into political intrigue...The magic system is occasionally a little weak, and the characters aren't too great, but overall, it's a fun romp through an England that never was.

*Leopard in Exile*

Further adventures of Wessex and Sarah, this time set in the English and French colonies of North America (NOT America as we know it). Throw in a Grail quest, the Marquis de Sade as a black magician, some Native Americans, and some jumbalaya. Although it doesn't have the swashbuckling I liked so much in the first and Wessex and Sarah are again chasing after each other, it's still quite entertaining.

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