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Patricia A. McKillip

Patricia A. McKillip is one of my favorite fantasy authors. Her work is always heavily symbolic and atmospheric. The writing is incredibly beautiful, but sometimes rather hard to understand. However, read several times, her books acquire a depth of meaning that many others lack. They are rather hard to remember-- like a dream.


Rook can remember nothing of his past save ashes and fire and an instrument, the piccochet. He grows up on an island of and for bards and reluctantly leaves after many years to search for his forgotten past. His quest takes him to the palace of the cruel ruling family of the land, the House Pellior. From then on, events take off, strange and wonderful.


Magician Atrix Wolfe made a mistake once, a mistake that ruined the consort of the Queen of Summer. In shame, he wanders, sometimes as a wolf, sometimes as a human. He hid a book. long ago, of things that weren't. The book falls into the hands of a young prince...and Atrix must help him and regain his dangerous book. WINTER ROSE

In a lush, surreal retelling of Tam Lin with bits of The Twa Sisters, Rois finds herself strangely drawn to the new young man, Corbet Lynn. She slowly finds out that his family is cursed, and she must battle the Winter Queen for him to save him. Rois slowly loses herself slowly in a world of half-truths and dreams as she gets ever more deeply involved in Corbet's past.


Sixteen year old Sybel lives a solitary life, isolated from everyone except the mysterious beasts that live with her. Her life is dramatically changed when a baby is brought under her care and she becomes entangled in the struggles between two houses.

Patricia A. McKillip has a new book out called The Tower at Stony Wood, which sounds very intricate and lovely.

Also, McKillip has written a praiseworthy trilogy called The Riddlemaster of Hed, a duet (The Sorceress and the Cygnet, The Cygnet and the Firebird). As usual, good and evil are never strictly defined; it is often impossible to categorize a character as one or the other.

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