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Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman is in a class by himself. His imagination is truly remarkable, as is his gift with words. His comic book series, The Sandman, is seriously AWESOME. You'll never dismiss comic books as just for grade school boys anymore.


Stardust takes the usual fairy tale elements and turns them completely around. Tristran Thorn promises to bring his love Victoria the falling star they see together...only to find that the star is a woman who has no inclination to be taken anywhere. Everything comes together satisfactorily in the end; loose details come into play and the whole is an utterly charming fairy tale for adults. By the way, if you can get the illustrated version, do. It's worth it.


This is a dark fantasy set in London Below, where "Mind the gap" takes on a sinister conotation and "Earl's Court" isn't the same as London Above. When Richard saves a girl named Door, he 'falls through the cracks' into the dark realms of London Below. Fascinating stuff, but much darker than Stardust.

New book out! American Gods-- but I haven't read it yet.

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