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There's Something About Naomi

I am Naomi, often known by less dignified names my slave insists upon referring to me as: Mimi, Mrowers, Cat, Sweetie, Fuzzy, Cutie, Lazy, and, perhaps most appropriately, Ailanna's better half. Ailanna has occupied that position of honor for the past five years, and is grateful for the privilege.

Mere pictures cannot capture me, and I think Ailanna has specifically chosen the ones that make me look fat. I deny it; I am well proportioned (teddy bear-ish, Ailanna calls it), have perfect white paws, dainty whiskers, pointed ears, greenish eyes, a small pink nose, light stripes on my tail, and a small orange spot on my left ear. (Ailanna once referred to it as a bald spot, an insult not easily forgotten.)

Don't you agree I should be adored?

My talents include typing, although often in a language far superior to anything humans have created, sleeping through practically anything, body surfing on humans to find a comfortable napping spot, eating, singing before supper, and lookinc cute in whatever position I may find myself in. I enjoy sitting on Ailanna's books, tearing up her patterns, infesting her fabric with generously donated hair, and demanding attention from my slave at inopportune moments (for her, at least). Despite all this, Ailanna still believes fervently that I am adorable, lovable, sweet, and cuddly. I personally think that she rather likes it when I wake her up by jumping on her head and combing her hair with my teeth and claws. And of course she hardly minds when I sleep in the center of my bed; it only miffs me that she isn't more grateful that I allow her to sleep in the bed at all.

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