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Some links to more interesting sites...

These pages were made by people who know more than I do.

If you are interested in any of the following subjects, I suggest you check them out.

Thanks to all the graphic sites who provided these images.

Free graphic sites

Gorgeous fantasy graphics at Clipart Castle
Gorgeous non-fantasy graphics by Hairfish

Fantasy and book links

The science fiction and fantasy bookclub
Amazon: greatest resource for customer reviews and forthcoming books
The SF Site: reviews, author info, forthcoming books, etc.
The Surlalune Fairy Tale Pages: the best collection of research and info on fairy tales
Romantic SFF page-- if you share my taste in books, check it out...

Costume links

A Festive Attyre: fantastic site on historical costuming, emphasis on Renaissance and Elizabethan
Black Rose Costume: Splendid Ren Faire wear
The Very Merry Seamstress: Custom made costumes of all kinds