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Although this may seem like any other site, you will find that if you search deep, there is more. But odds are I still won't like you, unless you are enlightened. Basically, if I haven't met you, I don't like you. I really hate assholes. So basically I hate most people. I will kill you if you aren't smart enough to spare people your unkindness. That's about it. Oh, yeah, and make sure to sign the guestbook, or if you are too lazy to do that then at least read it cos sites like mine attract special people that say funny things sometimes. Thanks to all the people that have signed it already. If this is your first time here though, sign it. It'll be fun. Happiness isn't often. Embrace it when you have the chance.

This is my gallery o' images. There're some links here too.

Wow, I made a new addition. So if you feel a little angry go to my Wall of Agony here and release some pent up anger on the unsuspecting dolts hanging there. Don't worry either, they all really deserve it. They aren't very nice people.

Hey! Brand new item here. Been a long time since I added anything. I created a site that is about me, the actual person who made this. No, I AM NOT JHONEN VASQUEZ. Stop thinking I am. Anyway, it's a look into my life, mind and soul. I suggest that if you are horrendously bored you go there.

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