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What's an Omnibus Meeting?

A Word of Warning: The Webmistress was in an extremely SILLY mood while she was typing information about our Omnibus Meeting. For legal purposes, we must declare that the pictures below are NOT really depicting the actual events in an Omnibus Meeting (until we are really loaded with cash and can afford all of the food!)

The Concordia University Amateur Radio Society have this special meeting every semester called an Omnibus Meeting. To those who are British, it does NOT mean that we conduct our meetings in a double-decker bus:

It just meant that it is an all-purpose meeting, where there is food:

All you can chew, all you can spew!

an election of Amateur Radio Society Officers:
Send in the Clowns!

and fellowship with fellow members:
We are very excited about what God is doing at the Society!

It is when we are united together with a passion for Amateur Radio and fun:
We love to PARTY HEARTY at the Omnibus Meeting!

The Omnibus Meeting. It's the bomb!
Apologies to those who are offended by this image