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KF6ODQ Executive Board

Society Officers

These blokes are, dedicated to serving the Society. They wrestle with subjects yo' mama won't touch... the budget...the fundraisers... the 2-meter simplex frequencies...KF6FNS' cream of broccoli soup. These guys' terms will last for one semester until the Omnibus Meeting, where they stand for re-election. Meanwhile, they're running the Society full speed ahead!

But what the heck is a "Taoiseach"?!
The word meant "chieftain" in Gaelic and in fact, the Prime Minister of Ireland is called the Taoiseach. I thought that a club should have a position with a ridiculous title. Some clubs have "The Grand Pooh-Bah", "The Chief Coffee-Maker", or "Exalted Master". Here, the guy who's in charge of Associate and Friend of the Society Membership has the same title as the Prime Minister of Ireland. Not bad for a club, eh?

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