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Practically Pokémon's Awards

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(imitating Mario) Yahoo!

Yay! I got the Secret Stone Award too! I guess I should explain about this one. John is my dad's name. It pops up when I send e-mail. So the person who gave me the award thought I was named John. Oh well, at least I got an award! (Site giving out that award no longer exists.)

Poké-Mania Badge: Gold!! Rewarded by I.Z.!!
All right! And isn't it so cute?

Pika pika! Cool award!

I got this one in a Pokémon trivia challenge!

Click here to get yours!
This is supposed to be a Togepi Gold Award, but something's wrong with the HTML code they gave me.

Pikachu and lava that a good combo?

Abra is so cool!

And so is Wigglytuff!

Cool...all 150 Pokémon...

Togepi thinks my site is excellent? I didn't know Togepi was old enough to read...

Electrode and Clefable are giving me a trophy? emerald Mewtwo... (Site giving out that award no longer exists.)

This Pokémon Trainer is smart!
Click above, that site has the best Pokémon trivia around!

I won the Rainbow Badge at Celadon City!

Can you win Celadon City's Rainbow Badge?

To play a unique online maze, click above! align=middle>

Matt's Pokémon Gym Badge of Excellence Award
An award doesn't need to be a picture to be excellent!

A nice Y2K award. ;)