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  • La Galeria de Javier Vachon -- a peek at a vampire's scrapbook! BROKEN LINK
  • Frequently Asked Questions: The Vaquero FAQ by Torrey Harris
  • The Top Ten Reasons to become a Vaquero
  • The Adventures of Vachon and the Vaqueros in the seventh FK Fiction War, plus a link to the posts from the very bizzare War VIII! BROKEN LINK
  • A Cheesy Rationalization(tm) why Vachon is still alive, er ... undead, er ... whatever
  • Life according to Javier Vachon
  • The Vachon Song by Stephanie Babbit
  • Vachon Trivia: How well do you *think* you know Javier Vachon?
  • More Vachon Trivia: How well would you *like* to know him?
  • One hundred nice things about Ben and Vachon....

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