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Knighties. The main affiliation for Nick Knight fans. BROKEN LINK
Dark Knighties. For the ones who like Nick in varying shades of dark. BROKEN LINK
Cousins. Fans of LaCroix in all his glory. BROKEN LINK
Light Cousins. Think LaCroix has a light side? BROKEN LINK
Nunkies Anonymous. For those addicted to LaCroix.
NatPack. Devoted to Natalie Lambert, coroner extraordinaire. BROKEN LINK
Perkulators. Fans of Tracy Vetter.
Dark Perks. Explore the dark butt-kicking side of Tracy Vetter.
CERK Perks. For those who think Tracy and LaCroix are meant for each other.
The RatPack. An affiliation devoted to that rat-slurper, Screed. BROKEN LINK
The Urchin Sympathizers. For those who like Urs of the short curls. BROKEN LINK
The Disciples of Divia. The officially recognized Divia affiliation. BROKEN LINK
DiviantS. Another Divia affiliation. BROKEN LINK
Unnamed Faction. Devoted to the relationship between Nick and LaCroix. BROKEN LINK
Immortal Beloveds. Dedicated to the relationship between Nick and Janette.
Seducers. Fans of LaCroix and Janette.
Dark Trinity. Nick, LaCroix, and Janette. BROKEN LINK
Nick&NatPack. For those who believe that Nick and Natalie are meant for each other. BROKEN LINK
The Lurkers. The headquarters of the ones who lurk.

If you have an affiliation not listed here, email me and let me know.

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