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1998 Olympic Gold Medalist
1998 Woman Athlete Of The Year

Tara Lipinski is the most talented, and beautiful figure skater on the planet. As the 1998 Olympic gold medalist, she has not only captured my heart, but the hearts of many others.

This site is fairly new, so I'll be constantly making changes, adding more stuff, to hopefully turn this into one of the best Tara sites around. Of course THE best Tara Site is her OFFICIAL one, located at There you will find everything a Tara fan could ask for. If you want more Tara sites, check out my "Other Tara Lipinski Sites" for a listing of some of my personal favorites. Check this one out first and tell me what you think. I welcome any comments about this site, Tara Lipinski, or figure skating in general. Thanks for your time, and have fun!

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This Web-Site is dedicated to the one and only Tara Lipinski.

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