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Jake Lloyd's Bio

Jake Lloyd!

Birthday: March 5th, 1989

Grade: 4th

Siblings: Madison [7yrs]

Pets: J.J. [Dog]

Fun: Ride bike and play video games

Jake Lloyd

Young actor Jake Lloyd was at a loss for words when he met his co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger for the 20th Century Fox feature Jingle All the Way. "He looks like me!" exclaimed Schwarzenegger. Lloyd's reply: "Aaaah...Hi." "It was the first time I ever really saw Jake nervous," explains Lloyd's mother Lisa.

Last summer Lloyd travelled to Minneapolis, Minnesota to film Jingle All the Way. This comical holiday tale is about a father (Schwarzenegger) who procrastinates until Christmas Eve to shop for his son Jamie's Christmas gift. To his dismay, he finds them to be sold out (a situation most find all too familiar). Both Schwarzenegger and Lloyd discover themselves in the middle of some wacky adventures. "I got to do many of my own stunts," explains an excited Lloyd.


Lloyd's first feature debut came to the big screen with the release of director Nick Cassavetes Unhook the Stars starring Marisa Tomei and Gena Rowlands. Lloyd portrayed the son of Tomei who lives across the street from Rowlands. Lloyd's character, J.J., feeds refreshing youth and new life into Rowlands, who is ailing from personal dilemma. "It was fun. I like to 'live' on the set," explains Lloyd, "Marisa would play dinosaurs with me."

Lloyd's theatrical talents have also landed him a recurring role on the hit NBC television drama E.R. Lloyd's character, Jimmy, periodically visits the hospital because his mother is ill with cancer. Lloyd has also guest starred in the series The Pretender for NBC and has appeared in the feature Apollo II for the Family Channel. In addition to E.R. and The Pretender, Lloyd can be seen in numerous national television commercials.

Does this young 10-year-old actor find time to be a kid? "When I'm not working, I ride my bike and play video games. I go rollerblading and spend my time walking my dog J.J. [named after his character in Unhook the Stars]," explains Lloyd. Lloyd is also an outfielder for his Little League Baseball Team. "As long as he is having fun [working] then it's okay, but it's important that he has time to just be a kid," explains Lloyd's mother.

Lloyd's parents credit his discovery to Cindy Osbrink of Cindy Osbrink Talent Agency. "She understands kids," explains Lloyd's mother,"but, his career is going so well, it was time for management." Such comes to play with the strategic planning of the management team overseen by Beverly Strong and Richard C. Berman of Moongate Management. For Lloyd, their management strategy has, thus far, paid off with a three picture deal with 20th Century Fox.

Lloyd is in second grade and lives with his mother Lisa -- a Theatrical Agent in training -- and his father Bill -- an E.M.T. Set Medic. **From**

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