Maps and More Detailed Directions to Joshua Tree National Park

I hope the more detailed instructions found here, combined with those on the page that brought you here, will make your trek to the fun that awaits us more enjoyable. If, by chance, you find these instructions too confusing, either buy yourself a road map or a GPS system and find your own way there!

As was instructed on the page that brought you here, follow I-15 north from San Diego until you reach the "split" with I-215. This is seen on the map above a few miles to the north of Temecula.

Continue on I-215 until highway 60 East, which is a few miles to the north of Perris. Highway 60 will merge (almost inperceptively) with I-10 East. Follow I-10 past Moreno Valley and ultimately to Banning, where one finds a rest area.

Just beyond the rest area, you'll be entering the Banning Pass. This is a pretty cool stretch of road. It descends into the Great Mojave Desert, and specifically the Coachella Valley, part of which is below sea level. The San Andreas Fault and the California Aqueduct both run through the Coachella Valley.

Surrounding you will be acres and acres of wind turbines, generating power for the folks who live in the valley. It's a very impressive sight, but then again, I'm easily impressed.

Keep your eyes peeled for the exit for highway 62. A sign will let you know that highway 62 is the exit to Joshua Tree National Park.

The map below shows more detail of the region through which highway 62 traverses. The two routes described on the page that brought you here can (barely) be seen on this map. As mentioned, there is a Park entrance in the town of Twentynine Palms (seen on the map). The other entrance, in the town of Joshua Tree, can be seen if you look directly under the first letter "n" in the word Twentynine. That road enters the Park via the town of Joshua Tree.

Luckily, there are plenty of signs along the way to guide you. If you happen to find yourself lost and you are a female, please stop and ask directions. If you're a male and find yourself lost, you know as well as I that the right road must be just ahead!

Have a fun and safe trip! Buckle up! We'll see you there!!

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