Construction in the Southwestern College Chemistry Department

Well, that's NOT a photo of our new building above, but it sure would be nice if it were! We're not greedy in our department. Actually we are quite happy that our college has been so supportive and generous to build us a new lab. The new lab will be the home for all of the new instrumentation we acquired with the help of the NSF, as described on my Home Page.

Many thanks go out to Dr. Serafin A. Zasueta, Superintendent/President of Southwestern College, John Wilson, Mike Conlin, and a host of many other folks who are doing a fine job of building us a new laboratory. In addition, they are also building a new chemistry stockroom, and new offices for myself and for my neighbor, Randy Krauss, a professor from the Math Department.

By the way, that photo above is of the new building constructed for the School of Chemical Sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. It accompanies the other buildings: William A. Noyes Laboratory, Roger Adams Laboratory, and Chemistry Annex. Can you tell I'm proud of my Alma Mater??

This photo and the one below are of my old office.

Yes, I knew EXACTLY where everything was! Entropy rules!!

Here's a view into what once was our chemistry stockroom. Now where did I put that tetrabutylammonium sulfate?

This was taken inside the stockroom. The new lab will be through the entrance on the left.

Here's where the new lab will be located. Through those doors will be the new stockroom.

Here is how the lab looked in early August.

Here is the progress on the stockroom as of late July.

Dr. Sucheck's new office will be located where the ladder on the right is standing.

Here's the stockroom a few days later than the photo above.

The new office for our Lab Technicians, Rosana & Marcia, is taking form.

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