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To the Chemistry 170 student: Without trying to appear terribly dramatic or overtly corny, this course truly offers you a golden opportunity to grow and evolve as an individual. Choose to regard this opportunity as valuable and make the most of it. As your professor I'll be providing you with advice, instruction, and motivation to assist you along the way. However you must trust my advice and choose to follow it, in order to increase the likelihood of excelling in this course. You may choose not to follow my advice, but please be willing to accept the consequences of any decisions that you make.

Chemistry 170, "Preparation for General Chemistry", at Southwestern College (SWC) is a course designed to prepare students to take the more rigorous, two-semester sequence of Chemistry 200 and Chemistry 210 (General Chemistry I and II). Chemistry 170 is a rigorous course in its own right, and the serious student should embrace the rigor and content of this course unconditionally. The official SWC Course Outline for Chem 170 is available for download.

Students who take Chemistry 170 do so because they have educational goals and career aspirations to become scientists, engineers, and professionals such as physicians, dentists, pharmacists, and veterinarians. As the paths to these lofty goals will, without exception, involve many challenges and hard work, a Chemistry 170 student should be willing and ready to put in the effort necessary to be successful in this course.

The principles, concepts, and techniques learned in Chemistry 170 are much farther-reaching than simply preparing the student for the General Chemistry sequence. Strong analytical reasoning and problem-solving skills are essential for success in numerous educational contexts and also in professional careers as well. The ability to solve problems transcends all aspects of life and is a valuable commodity not to be undervalued or underappreciated. This course will offer many opportunities to sharpen and enhance your ability to solve problems. Furthermore, your success in this course relies heavily on being able to solve problems.

Found below are resources to assist you in your journey through Chemistry 170. You'll find copies of documents I will distribute in class that you may download, if you happen to lose your copy or miss class on the day it was provided. You'll also find links to sites on the internet where you will find additional material to supplement what you'll find in your textbook or in my lectures.

You can download the in-class PowerPoint presentations by using the links that follow.

When prompted for a password, select the button that says: "Read Only", and the file will open.

PowerPoint Presentation for Chapters 1 & 2

PowerPoint Presentation for Chapter 3

PowerPoint Presentation for Chapter 4

PowerPoint Presentation for Chapter 5

PowerPoint Presentation for Chapter 6

PowerPoint Presentation for Chapter 7

PowerPoint Presentation for Chapter 8

PowerPoint Presentation for Chapter 15

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