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SEPTEMBER 11, 2001

Dearest Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

Father, Bless all the souls of the dearly departed that were taken from us on that awful day, September 11, 200l, and bring them into your light to rest in peace with you.

Jesus bring comfort to all who lost loved ones on that day. May they feel your presence and your love in the faces of everyday people. May your mercy shine upon them and for all who trust in you.

Jesus you died so that all people who believe in you shall have ever lasting life. Thank you for Loving us that much.

On September 11, 2001 so many gave their own lives in order to save others. You said that there is no greater Love than to lay down ones life for others. Bless all that gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Lord, Bless President Bush by sending the Holy Spirit to guide and guard him in this countrys time of need. Protect us all over the World from these terrorists and evil doers. Be at our sides as so many countries come together to rid all terroristic acts around the world.
Written By
Melody Anne Tresca
September 21, 2001