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Lord, forgive me all my transgressions, my sins, my disobedience to our heavenly father, my foolishness, and from each time I have wandered from you my Lord.

When worried I turn to you
When sick I turn to you
When in trouble I turn to you
When in financial distress I turn to you
When hungry I turn to you
When my Family is in need I turn to you

It is always you I come to, I seek you out asking your help , and the help of our Father, and I ask our Mother, the Blessed Virgin, to intercede on my behalf. So many times you have heard and answered my cries for help and you have taken mercy on me.

You have been my only companion times I found myself all alone. You have been my best friend and confident when others have let me down. You always listen to me when I don't think I can talk to a single soul. No matter the time of day or night, no matter where I may be or how I am feeling, You my Lord, my Friend, and my Companion are always there for me.

Have I always been there for you when all you asked is a few minutes of my time?


My Lord I have not

Do I seek you out when I have no trouble, just to tell you It is I Lord, and I Love You and Thank You for all of your blessings?

Not always My Lord, not as I should

I have gone for days without talking with you and walking with you. I know you only wanted me to say Hello Lord, It is I. You may have needed to talk with me and I wasn't listening during those times. I am so sorry my Lord, my Best Friend. How I must have hurt you. Help me my Lord, to be better and stronger in my faith and devotion to you. I do not wish to be weak my Friend or to fall into temptation my Lord, but I do, again, and again. I am a wretched sinner and I have failed you. I beg your forgiveness again Lord. You ask so little of me while I ask so much of you. You have given so much to me. You chose to die so that I may live. I need you in everything I do, I need you to lead me towards righteousness, and away from sin. I want so to turn away from sin and to sin no more.My heart is sadden that I have caused you sadness so many times.

I thank you my Lord for all of the many blessings you have bestowed upon me and my family. You have given me my wonderful and loving husband so that I may know true Love. You gave to me a wonderful loving Mother whom I was so proud of, sisters and brothers to grow up with. Above all things you graced me with my beautiful children to love and be loved by, to teach and rear to the best of my ability, along with a lot of mistakes and some hardships. Lord you have given me grandchildren by the numbers, and oh, what a precious gift they all are. Also you have given me a few Close and Good Friends. But what I'm most thankful for is you. You suffered and died for me and for all.

Lord may you always be at my side and may I take the time to listen to you each and everyday of my life. May I never wander from thee. Deliver me from evil and lead me not into temptation, for I am weak. Help all those who are weak the we become stronger and never let a day pass without coming to you, praising you.

My Lord, my Best Friend, my Companion

I am here Lord, It is I Lord, and I want you to know how much I love you I want you to know how much I love you in good times as well as bad times I thank you so very much for your unconditioned Love of me. May every nation and every person know the full goodness of you love.

It is I Lord

Melody Anne Tresca


Our Father who art in Heaven
and every corner of the World

Hallowed be thy Name
There shall never be any Greater

Thy Kingdom Come
As a Thief in the Night

Thy Will be done, On Earth
For all to Love You above all else

As it is in Heaven
As Master you are Praised and Obeyed

Give us the day our Daily Bread
Our Needs not our Wants as you see it

And Forgive us our Trespasses
Our many Sins to Oneanother

As we Forgive those who Trepass against Us
Not just our Loved ones but also our Enemys

And Lead us not into Temptation
Save us from Satan and all his Works

But deliver us from Evil
And into your Sons Hands

For thine is the Kindom
Which we Await

And the Power
To destroy us all

And the Glory
For Giving us Life in order to Praise You


P.S. I Love You Father, Son, & Holy Spirit with as much Love as I possess.

Your Daughter
Melody Anne Tresca


My Lord, How do I thank you for carrying me when all I do seems to turn out wrong? When all I want to get done, just doesnít seem to get done. When I canít seem to think straight and everything is such a blur? When nothing goes right when I think I am trying? When the harder I try even more goes astray? When it seems that every day there is more bad news ? When the children I love so dearly need more than I am able to give them? When there is one crises after another? When my childrenís children have no one to turn to? When my children and or grand children are in pain, whether in mind or body? When my beautiful husband is ill with cancer? When I just want to lay down and give up? When I just want to cry and cry? When I miss manage our finances and it takes months to fix it? When instead of living a life of retirement with my husband, we are raising a teenage grandchild? When having to argue and fight with a child becomes a daily activity? When sleep just wont come and 100 things are going through my head?

Lord it has to be you carrying me through each and every day. Even when I donít deserve it. I find myself not giving you or the Father the praise or thanks for getting me through the day until I am reminded of your love and gentleness after I turned to you for your help and you answered my prayers.

How do I thank you?

You have blessed me in so many ways, and I donít always see them when I am sad, or down or scared. Forgive me Lord for all of my transgressions, I beg of you.

Let me not forget your love and compassion, even in my darkest of times, and let me not forget all the wonderful blessings you have bestowed on to me in my life. Lord help me to rise above my selfishness and pass your Love on to others in need of your undying love.

Oh my Lord thank you for carrying me and helping me to carry the crosses I have had to bear and will have to bear in my life. Help strengthen me so that I may help my loved ones carry their crosses, as well as helping my neighbor to carry theirs.

You Have given me so many many gifts, in the people I love so dearly, my husband, children, grand children, and new great grandchildren. I truly am blessed.

I Love you and thank you My Lord from the bottom of my heart.


Written by Melody Anne Tresca for our beloved Lord on October 30, 2005