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Melodys' Prayers to Jesus

My Prayer to Jesus

Lord of Lords, King of Kings

You came into this world so humble and meek. You were pure love for all of mankind, the righteous and the sinners. You had no stain of sin upon your body and soul. You my Lord came to call the wicked, the righteous, and every living soul into your fathers kingdom, by example of your works and deeds.

You chose 12 disciples to follow you and to witness all of your marvelous works, so that they could go on teaching the world of you and of the kingdom of God. You ate with them, slept with them, laughed with them and cried with them in the years of your discipleship and fellowship with them. They soon knew You to be the Christ.

The enemy was doing his evil works, turning those that loved you into denying you, right on down to Judas, one of your disciples whom you loved.

Knowing it was coming you had a last supper with all 12 and you gave them your body and your blood which you told them they were to do in memory of you. You then told Judas to go do what he must do.

As was custom you and the disciples went into the garden of olives, leaving some behind and taking some with you. You told them to stay awake and watch for the enemy. You then went the rest of the way in by yourself. Your agony Lord was such as no one can possibly imagine. You knelt in prayer to the Father, but he was not with you. You found yourself alone, so completely alone you were, that your agony intensified. You went back out so as to maybe share some of your anguish with your disciples, but found them sleeping. Oh what a disappointment that must have been, but with pure love for them, you did not wake them and you returned back inside. Your suffering and anguish was such that you sweated blood form your body, and you once again fell to your knees, praying to the father. You ask him that if it were possible to let the cup pass from you, but he did not answer you. In Great Horror you saw every sin ever committed from the beginning of the world to the end of the world, every horrid sin known to man. Murder, Rape, Theft, Lust, Envy, Lies, Haltered, Adultery, Sodomy, Every Sin, and the faces of those of us that have committed those sins. You my Loving Lord took upon yourself all these sins and much more in order for us to be forgiven, and in doing so felt such disgust and filth pour through your sinless body. You not only saw our grievous sins but you saw what was to happen. You saw the enemy lead you away and mock you, you saw yourself standing before Caesar, You saw the terror of the treatment that was to come. You were beaten and whipped and flogged and scourged, you saw the crown of thorns and felt it pierce into your head straight into the brain. You saw as you were made to carry your own cross, and felt the pangs of nails being driven into you. You surely would have died there in the garden under such pain had it not been for the angel that was there with you. You again knelt in prayer to the Father saying to him; If this cup can not pass then your will be done, not mine. You then left the garden one last time and once more found your desiples sleeping. You woke them saying , could you not stay awake for me? Come now, for the time is at hand.

You now saw as Judas approached you, He kissed you and handed you over to the enemy. Oh my Lord he betrayed you with a kiss, the kiss of death.

All that you saw came to be, and again you had to undergo the scourging, the horrid crown of thorns, and the piercing of the nails through your beautiful loving hands and feet, and the spear through your side, spilling forth your blood.

And oh how you thirsted my Lord.

You then told the good thief that he would surely be with you in your Fathers kingdom. Then to your Mother you said; Woman this is your Son, and to John the disciple, you said, This is your Mother. You lifted you head to the heavens and said, It is done. Father into your hands I commit my spirit. You died My Lord and now it was over. You were handed down to the arms of your Mother and carried off to the tomb in which you were laid.

On the third day you rose in fulfillment of the scriptures and sent forth your disciples to all the ends of the earth to teach of the word of God and to build your church.

Oh My Lord Jesus, I am so ashamed of my sins and for adding to your agony, that I had to be one of the faces you had to watch as I committed each and every sin I have committed. I am so truly sorry for all of my sinful ways My Lord. I know I cannot promise you to never ever sin again, but Lord I do promise that I will try with your help and the help of your Mother to not sin anymore, and to ask myself each time I am tempted, "What Would Jesus Do?" I will try harder to love you more with each day, and to try and love my neighbor as you do. I know I am a terrible sinner Lord and that I have saddened you so many times.

Please Lord Jesus send to me the Holy spirit to show me how I can do more for you. You have done so much for me and I cannot thank you enough. How do I thank you for giving up your life for me? Lord I want to serve you in a way pleasing to you, but I do not know how, I need your help and your prayers to the Heavenly Father for me along with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, leading me.

Thank You Lord for sending my Husband Don Marino Tresca Sr. into my life, for without him I may never have found you again. He has been such an inspiration to me, teaching me thing about you and your most Holy Mother that I would have never known. Jesus, I beg of you to always keep him safe and that you work your miracles in us, guiding us both to do you work. What ever you want from us we will do. We are blind and know not where we are going. Show onto us the light, so that we can follow it.


I pray for the whole world to know and love you and to sin against you no more.


Oh my Jesus forgive us our sins and save us from the fires of hell, and lead all souls to heaven especially those most in need of thy mercy.


Written by Your Most Loving Servant
Melody Anne Tresca
February 19, 1999
This prayer is copywrited and cannot be used without permission of the author.


In Jesusí name we come together to thank you for your many blessings, which we sometimes forget to count. Thank You for my life which you gave me and which Jesus gave his life for, so that I may be saved. In the confusion of whatís going on around me I have failed to turn to you at times that were good, but always seem to turn to you in times of distress or need, in hopes that you will still hear me and hold me gently in your hands and walk with me through the many trials and tribulations set forth before us in order for us to grow and find wisdom and knowledge. Let me find forgiveness and understanding of those who have hurt me and give me strength to help those who may also need some compassion and understanding. Father, may I also say that you have blessed me with the greatest gifts of all. You have sent to me not only your son as my Savior but you have given back to me a true and loving friend I will cherish for the rest of my life. In Jesusí name I thank you for all you have given me.

Written By Melody Anne Wood
November 1992
Found and Re-written By Melody Anne Tresca
4/25/99 3:43 PM