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Melodys' Prayers to Mary

February 18, 1999


How can you say that you are my Mother? As a infant, tiny and innocent; I did not know you. Yet you say that you are my Mother, but as a young child; I did not know you. I had heard heard your name and I knew of you, but paid no attention; For I did not know you.

As a teen unsure of what life held in store for me, I was told somewhat about you from time to time, but you were only a name to me; I did not know you.

As a young adult in seardh of my identity and purpose; I still did not know you. As a grown woman having been battered and blue, I needed you Mother; Only I still did not know you.

With children of my own now all grown, I'm left alone with just loving them as Mothers do, I would think of you, and wonder why; I did not know you.

Then one day a wonderful man who later was to become my husband said to me; Come with me and I will help you to find and know your Mother, for he knew that; I did not know you. I went along with him on the journey that led me to you. Then I said to you that I wanted and needed to know you, And you said Yes, I have been waiting for this day.

Now I will begin to finally know you. I bagan by asking; why you had not loved me as a Mother should. Your answer was, I have always known and loved you child; It was you that did not know me. I then ask you why did I not know you, if as you say you have always known and loved me. You replied, I have only been out of sight, and only a prayer away, You see child you were kept from me by the worldly people that also; do not know me. Now you have found me, for you chose to seek me out and my door is now open to you and you no longer can say that; I do not know you.

I now know that I will never be separated from you again my blessed Mother. I know now that you are pure love, not only for me but for all of your children that know you and for those that choose to no longer say; But I do not know you.

Holy Precious Mother, Mother of My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and Mother of the world, You lead us to him ,who gave his life for us, by teaching us to pray. Blessed Mary, Mother of God, Virgin of Heaven and Earth, Never allow me to wander from you ever again. Protect me under Your Mantle. May I always Love You and Your Precious Son Jesus,who through his death and resurection suffered unto his self all my sins. That I never again say; I do not know you. Thank you Holy Mother for your devine goodness and unconditional Love. For surely you found favor with Our Heavenly Father, and surely You are Blessed. For now and forever, I will always say Yes; I DO NOW KNOW YOU.

I now pray for all the children of the world that they too one day will come to say;

We All Know You.

A very special Thank You to My Husband, Don M. Tresca for leading me to you and guiding me along the way.

Written by Your Most Loving Daughter

Melody Anne Tresca


Remember to Pray the Rosary and wear the Scapular as Our Blessed Mother in Heaven has asked.

Blessed Virgin, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth, Queen of Every known Suffering of Woman, Pray for me, for I am a lowly sinner, Not worthy of Your most Precious Son, Jesus Christ, who suffered and died for me. Pray that I may be made worthy. As my Mother I know that your desire for me is to repent and do penance for my sins against My Heavenly Father, which I so desire to do with your help; never ceasing to pray and In this way striving daily to become more deserving of your son. Help me to meditate on his sufferings. Blessed Virgin teach me to live my life more like you. Holy Mary Mother of God , Pray for me a lowly sinner that I may be made worthy of the promises of Christ. Holy Mary, help me to always stand up and defend our Lord through example of his teachings Amen.
Your Daughter and Admirer of All your Goodness
Melody Anne Tresca
Written 1/16/99
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