Worlds first

"Guided Missile Destroyer Leader"

Built by Bath Iron Works Shipbuilding Co.

Bath, Maine

The USS Dewey DLG-14 was the first ship of many that I served on board. And it will always be something special to me. It's where you made the first friends away from home and grew up together. And where I was introduced to world travel. Learning of Life in other places, states, islands and countries. Even though we might not have served on board at the same time we share the common bond of growing in the same place. I hope to build a large database with which to establish a bond with "X" shipmate so we can hopefully get together again.

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Early Dewey

As a Frigate and DLG

Built and commissioned as a frigate there were early rumbling that did not like the classification as a frigate. NATO frigates were much smaller by size. So to compromise all DL was designated a Destroyer leader. And with the USS Dewey being the first with missiles the letter g was added to her and other ships to designate guided missiles, hence DLG.

Reclassified as DDG-45 on 30 June 1975

It a reorganization at align ship classification. Part of early Salt treaty agreements with NATO that lead to re-class again that aligned ships by tonnage. That led to designating the Destroyer Leaders again. The DLG's under 8000 tons displacement and under were designated destroyers (DDG's). Those over were over were designated Cruisers (CG's). The split meant DLG-6 thru 15 would be re-class as destroyers. And DLG 16 thru 38 would become cruisers. My DDG link page contains links to DDG 2 ADAMS Class, Spruce and Ayatollah Class, and Burke Class Destroyers.

A New Dewey- DDG-105

On May 7, 2004, the Department of Defense announced that Secretary of the Navy Gordon England had decided that DDG hull number 105 would be named Dewey.

Dewey is a Flight IIA variant of the Arleigh Burke class guided missile destroyer and incorporates a helicopter hanger facility into the original design. The ship can each carry two SH-60B/R helicopters. Guided missile destroyers operate independently and in conjunction with carrier strike groups, surface action groups, expeditionary strike groups and replenishment groups.

Three previous ships have proudly carried his name: DD 349, DlG 14 and DDG 45.

Admiral George Dewey

DDG 105 honors Adm. George Dewey (1837-1917) who commanded the Asiatic Station from the cruiser Olympia. Shortly after the onset of the Spanish-American War, Dewey led his squadron of warships into Manila Bay on April 30, 1898. The next morning, his squadron destroyed the Spanish fleet in only two hours without a single American loss. In 1899, he was ordered to Washington, D.C. where he was designated president of the General Board. A widely popular hero of his day, Dewey was commissioned Adm. of the Navy, a rank created for him, in March 1903. He held this rank until his death in 1917.

US Navy Links

I will try to list official US Navy links to those who served in the navy might find information and updates that may have some interest.

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Contact Information

For those who access the site but do not have e-mail and would like to submit to the Dewey site by snail mail (letter carrier), I'll provide my home address:

Mr. Michael Gormady

26514 Cornell Street

Hemet, California


For those requesting reunion information will be posted as soon as sight is picked:

Michael Gormady

26514 Cornell Street

Hemet, California


E-mail address

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California State University, San Bernardino, Ca.

(909) 880-5170

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Biographical Information

I'm originally from Buffalo, New York. I have moved around and called Virginia, Pennsylvania, California, Hawaii, Washington and California again home. Since I retired from the Navy I have called Southern California home.

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Other Interests

* Classis cars and Hot Rods

* Racing, Nascar, Cart, Indy, NHRA and Local track

* Naval Museums

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