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ACHURRA o ATXURRA - En Amoroto, y Lekeitio, Bizkaia. Significado: zarzal (atxur,azur, zarza y el articulo o sufijo - a, contraccion de aga), sinque aqui signifique& qquot: la azada.

Coat of Arms

Blazon of Arms: Or(gold)field, Vert(green)oak (haritz) tree, sable (black) wolf (otsoa) walking by the foot of the oak tree, azure (blue) border with five Or (gold) stars.

Translation: Or (gold) denotes understanding, respect, virtue, majesty, generosity. Azure (blue) denotes fidelity, steadfastness, strenght, loyalty. Oak tree symbolizes antiquity and strenght. Wolf signifies valor and guardianship. Star symbolizes honor, achievement and hope.

Crest: Gold Crown.

Origin: Basque (Spain)

"ACHURRA", the noble Basque surname, also spelled"ATXURRA"means "place of thorn bushes" from "azur" meaning thorn bush, and the suffix "a", denoting location or place of.

Variants of the surname"ACHURRA/ATXURRA" include Achurro, Achurru. . .


Certainly the surname "ACHURRA" coincides with the Biscay word atxur "hoe", and in fact it cannot be ruled out that this toponyms stem from the name of the object - either by the resemblance between the landscape and the hoe, or by any other reason - as it occurs with Mailu "hammer" in the place name Malloak and others. In this sense, the Basque General Dictionary brings a Roncesvalles name of the 13th century, "Aicurra", as the oldest example of the name of the farming equipment in Basque. However, we could also find ourselves in a compound of ATX (HAITZ variant "rock") and hur, Urrea close adverbial form used primarily in Bizkaia, but that should be of general use. This is a description of where the village is located. The surname "ACHURRA" would be synonymous with the place name and the last known Aitzondo, "next to the rock".

Documentation: Achurra (the caseria of) (1745, Berriatua, Fog).

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