Friends' Pages and Meaningful Links:

A good friend of mine that I met at King's has a couple of pages that you should visit

                                                                                     Sandy's First Page


                               The Arm Chair Critic

Parson's page about Tolkien

PezLiz and her Pez & Personal Info Page:

                         Nope, this isn't a real Pez dispenser

Go see my High School! They finally got technologically enhanced:


Proud Canadian? Don't forget to visit Molson for regular updates.


Are you a friend of mine and I missed your link? Oops! Email me and let me know and I'll add you. 


Useful Links (you can thank me later):

Need a program cracked but don't want to get involved in that messy h4xx0r speak? Try out this place. (just go to the letter of the program name: i.e. a.html, b.html)

Printer acting up? Again, MSN shows you how to clean it spick and span.


Useless (but fun) Links:

Get your free Dada reading by trained Dada specialists, or something.

Read my favourite poem in the whole world! The Cremation of Sam McGee by Robert Service.

Want to find out how dumb you are? Take some IQ Tests.

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Now you can make your very own cheesy messages!



Tired of all these ribbon campaigns? Now you can fight back by making your own:



SPAM SPAM SPAM SAUSAGES AND SPAM. Don't hold the SPAM, go visit it.

For those of you seeking Spiritual Enlightenment and don't believe in all those God nonsense, or if your church just isn't enough for you. Here's the perfect religion: No Faith Required (just an elementary knowledge of physics).

                   Church of the Electron