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Welcome to the last reluctant pieces of Eags progging page, before it gets sucked into the new and improved Dark City Productions.


5-3-2000 - If you're looking for the Keith PC project, please know that the project has been discontinued for a time due to a loss of source code, and lack of interest. I do however plan a PC Engine port using zeograds HuC compiler in the not so far off future:). The PC Engine port will simply be a graphically improved version of Keith Courage in Alpha Zones showing once and for all that the PCE kicks some serious butt.

Please click here to get to the old Keith Pages

5-3-2000 - The relase of HuC Engine 1.0.1 happened.... today! What is HuC Engine? Basically it's an IDE made to be compatible with Zeograds' HuC compiler. If you're a fan of the PC Engine and a coder who has always been a little intimidated by assembly...and you know the C programming language: HuC and HuC engine are for you. Basically HuC engine simplifies the process of coding using HuC with these features:

* Color syntax for C source code a button click away (yes, it's kind of a hack)

* Capturing the compiler output to a color syntaxed edit box

* Allowing the user to write code, compile assembly and C code for the PC Engine, and run the .pce file generated by that code all in one place.

While HuC Engine is by no means complete, it is perfectly functional. I of course am open to suggestions and help!

The HuC project will be available through the utopia project (check out the Hu-Go! homepage
to get there), and here for a short time (before I move all my stuff over to DCP).

Please forgive the ugly web page you guys, I'm lame and lazy of late...

-Eagan Rackley (aka: blot)