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December 2004 Newsletter

Web Page Address:                            Issue: 12/04 December 2004

2550 Camino Tassajara

Danville, California 94526

(925) 736-7600

Sensei: Kunitoshi Akabane (925) 736-7600,

President: Jim Stalker,                                         Vice President: Nick Nickelson

Editor: Don Meeker,

December Meetings:

Note: We meet in the Science Room of the Charlotte Wood Intermediate School, Danville, on the 2nd and 3rd Mondays of each month, except December will be a joint meeting on the second Monday.

Please bring plant material appropriate to the topic for the class. Either something already in development or to be developed.

Tuesday - Dec 7th, 7:30PM - Board Meeting, Tassajara Nursery.

Monday - Dec 13th - Joint Class Meeting. 7:00-7:30PM - Library and Business Meeting. 7:30 - 8:00PM -Lecture Topic: Bring all projects of the year. 8:00 - 10:00PM Workshop.

Refreshments: Lois Naye and Byron Nobriga

From the President

We will be scheduling a return to the San Ramon Park Juniper and will send a notice later.

Attendance at the November meeting was up, with members arriving on time. Thanks. We will post a Special Notice with the schedule and information about the Club 2005 program after the Board Meeting Dec. 7.

At the close of each meeting please help with the clean up and storing of the Club materials. People are encouraged to leave in groups of two or more and be sure that Lois Naye is not left to close alone after the Basic class meetings.

Club Library, Carol Lynn Hansen Bassett, is the Club librarian. Please assist Carol in maintaining the Library. Always checking out materials when you borrow them and be sure to return them on time. There are a lot of valuable resources available in the Club Library for study and review.

Diablo Bonsai Look Ahead Schedule

Monday January 10th - Joint Class Meeting 7:00-7:30PM - Library and Business Meeting. 7:30-8:00PM - Topic to be announced later. 8:00PM-10:00PM Workshop. Refreshments: Nick Nickleson and James Stalker.

Events Elsewhere

Nothing scheduled in December and January.