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March 1999 Newsletter

Sensei: Kunitoshi Akabane (925) 736-7600
President: Ed Burns (925) 829-6463 or
Editor: Ed Burns

March Meetings

Heather Farms Garden Center
1540 March Banks Drive, Walnut Creek, CA.
All meetings are 7:30pm - 9:30pm.

Combined:Monday March 1st
Refreshments:Bob Brown, Bruce Kronmiller


President's Message

I hope everyone who participated in our field trip and potting session had fun and added some nice projects to their collections. If you didn't get everything potted, remember that we'll have one more opportunity this month. Details follow in this issue. Don't wait any longer since March is the latest you should be doing major root pruning.

Your trees should be growing vigorously this month so there are a few things to watch for. Make sure wires do not cut in, especially on the deciduous varieties. You can remove any that look tight, then reapply a little looser. We also need to remember to rotate trees every few weeks to make sure the growth is even. Be careful with fertilizer because you don't want to promote too rapid growth that will make styling difficult. Remember also to watch water needs more closely now that our weather should be getting dryer.

One More Potting Session Coming Up

If you didn't make it to the first potting session, you have another chance on March 7th. Don't miss this chance to get your club donation trees potted so they'll look good for the sale in October. As always, the club will provide the pots, soil and wire needed for all donation trees. We'll be meeting at Tasajara Nursery at 9:30am to get started.

Shopping In The Foothills

Join us on February 28th for a trip to visit two bonsai nurseries in the Auburn area. Once again, we'll be leaving from the CompUSA parking lot in the Willows shopping center in Concord at 8:00am sharp. We plan to meet at the Matsuda Nursery in Newcastle between 10:00 & 10:30. After shopping there, we'll move north to Auburn to visit the Yamasaki Nursery at approximately 1:00pm. Directions can be found at the end of this issue.

New Website Address

Our Club web pages are now at a new address. I've moved them to one of the free public web space providers so we won't have to worry about future ISP changes. You can now access the homepage at:

Our Trees On Display In Danville

Here is some info from Norm Wanek regarding the upcoming display:

The Danville Fine Arts Gallery has invited the Diablo Bonsai Club to exhibit some of our bonsai at their coming exhibit titled In Our Gardens: Flora and Fauna. On display will be paintings and other art forms depicting the garden theme. We have agreed to exhibit several of our trees during the period March 6 - April 17. We will only have 3 trees on exhibit at any one time. The trees will be rotated every 4 days.

The display will be open four days a week from Wednesdays through Saturdays from 12-5pm. In addition, there will be a reception on Saturday, March 6 from 4- 6pm. All members are welcome to attend this reception and view the beautiful displays. The Fine Arts Gallery is located upstairs at 233 Front Street, Danville. This location is a half block up and across the street from the Danville Community Center where we had last fall's bonsai show.

Members are welcome to display a bonsai. If you have a tree that you would like to display, contact Norm Wanek at 837-7528. The tree does not have to be a large one but should be well designed and appropriate for show material.

We welcome this invitation because the exhibit will reinforce the practice of bonsai as an art and will give us the exposure and publicity we need to draw attendance at our fall show.

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