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January 1999 Newsletter

Sensei: Kunitoshi Akabane (925) 736-7600
President: Ed Burns (925) 829-6463 or
Editor: Ed Burns

January Meetings

Heather Farms Garden Center
1540 March Banks Drive, Walnut Creek, CA.
All meetings are 7:30pm - 9:30pm.

Beginner:Monday January 4th

Combined:Monday January 11th

Advanced:Monday 18th
Refreshments:Toby Trezona


President's Message

Here we go again. The New Year can mean many things, but for us it brings the beginning of our busy season. For me, it seams like this time always passes too quickly and some tasks slip to next year – or whenever…

I'm too realistic to make resolutions, but if I were to do so, a good one would be to get ready in advance and finally do all the tree work I know is needed before it's too late. Maybe next year.

Be sure and make it to the potluck dinner on the 11th. It's always been a fun event. Again, we'll hold it in place of the combined meeting this month at 7:30pm at Heather Farms.

A Few Thank-You's

Several members have made donations or contributed time for projects lately and we'd like to say Thanks publicly.

For our show last October, we had some nice donations for our special raffle that translated to lots of ticket sales. Norm Wanek brought the nice shimpaku juniper and has cared for the camellia from the club garden that was also raffled. Hollis and Kay Hardy donated the nice wood slab that will display someone's tree very nicely. And the Montoya's supplied the large silverberry. The raffle is an important part of our funding activities and these kind gifts made 1998's very successful.

Thanks very much to all of you for helping the club!

Some Reminders

Please remember that club dues need to be paid by the end of January. A coupon will be included at the end of this issue.

Don't forget about our club library! It seems our books and videos are being used less and less these days. Please also remember to bring back any books that you may have overdue. We've got a few that have been out quite some time.

Please be sure and clean up well after our workshops. The Heather Farms management is quite strict about this.

An Entry From Norm Wanek

Did you know that Heather Farm has a small bonsai garden? It was planted 13 years ago by members of the Diablo Bonsai Club and has been maintained by our members since that time. It consists of a Japanese black pine, a Colorado blue spruce and a Mystery gardenia. At one time there was also a camellia sasanqua and a cotoneaster. These became too large for the existing space and were removed. The camellia was salvaged by Norm Wanek who trained it for several years and donated it for the raffle at our last show.

Our thanks to the following members who recently participated in pruning the trees and weeding and spraying: Bob Evans, Daryl Bunch, Bill Magee and Norm Wanek. Although small, the garden is beautiful. Take a look at it the next time you have a chance!

A Parking Mess Coming Soon

From Heather Farms management:

"To assure a more reliable water supply to customers in the area around our property, the Contra Costa Water District is building an underground 4 million gallon reservoir under Fairway Number 8 at the Diablo Hills Golf Course. As part of the construction, a pipeline will be installed under Marchbanks Drive, through our parking lot and down to the back of Heather Farm Park. The pipeline installation in our parking lot will take place February 9-21, 1999. During these two weeks, the parking lot will not be accessible for parking by renters or employees. The only available parking will be on the street. Please caution those attending your function that, in spite of the limited parking, they should not use the Diablo Hills Golf Course parking lot either during this period or at any time. The owner of the golf course feels that extra cars in his lot are a deterrent to his business and he may have your car towed".

Some 1998 Club Show Results

Treasurer Tom Fong passed this info along:


Donations	         $  240.00

Plant Sale	 	  2,191.00

Demonstration Raffle	    590.00                  

Special Raffle		    402.00                      

Total Income:		  3,423.00


Hall Rental	  	  $ 1,470.00                        

Food			      139.00                          

Backdrop transportation	      125.00                           

Sales Tax		      181.00                                

Table Cloths		       75.00                          

Demonstration Material	      240.00                     

Miscellaneous 		      280.00

Total Expenses:		    2,510.00

Net Income:		      913.00

Thanks to all who helped bring these numbers back into the black after a couple of poor years!

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