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The Diablo Bonsai Club was founded in 1981 by sensei Kunitoshi Akabane to further the awareness of the bonsai art form. Located in Danville, California, the club consists of members living in the Diablo Valley, Tri-Valley, East Bay and surrounding areas.

Our club is unique in that its structure allows Sensei Akabane to tailor his instruction and workshops specifically to the varying experience levels of our membership. Each meeting consists of a few minutes to discuss club business, then a lecture and discussion period followed by a workshop where each attendee is offered personal attention and advice about the trees they bring in. The monthly meetings provide instruction and guidance for beginning and more experienced members to ensure the proper level of discussion and attention. Prior experience is not necessary as the basics of the culture and art are covered to build a good basic understanding of bonsai.

In addition, the club offers other activities throughout the year including field trips to specialty bonsai nurseries, garden tours, community events, club dinners and an annual bonsai show.

We invite you to visit one of our meetings and consider joining our club. Please check our Events Calendar for the location and times.