Desert Rat’s Checklist

Desert Rat's Off Road Rides

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Desert Rat's Checklist

Here are some things you might want to bring to the desert……

This section contains things that are pretty much essential to having a safe and fun riding experience.

Your ride (dirt bike, quad, dune buggy, etc);

Green sticker or highway registration and spark arrestor required in most areas.

□ Fuel

□ 2-stroke oil (if running 2-stroke engines)

Riding Gear

□ Helmet

□ Goggles

□ Boots

□ Gloves

□ Riding Pants


□ Jacket

□ Chest protector

□ Knee pads

□ Neckerchief

Camping Gear

□ Shelter (tent, trailer, camper, motor home)

□ Sleeping bags

□ Ice chest

□ Stove

□ Cooking Pans and Utinsels

□ Can opener

□ Eating Utinsels

□ Flashlights and/or lanterns

□ Food

□ Water – and plenty of it!

□ Fire wood

□ Matches or lighter

□ First Aid Kit

Spare Parts

□ Spark plugs

□ Levers

□ Nuts/bolts

□ Inner tubes (to fit front and rear of all rides)

Tools etc

□ Spark plug wrench(es) (make sure they fit all your bikes!)

□ Pliers

□ Screwdrivers

□ Wrenches

□ Socket set

□ Tire irons

□ Chain oil (if your ride is chain driven)

□ Coolant


This section contains some more nice things to do or to bring along to make life easier.


□ Folding chairs

□ Awning or other sun shade

□ T-handle wrenches

□ Cable Oiler

□ Axe or hatchet

□ Shovel

Hot vulcanizing tire patch kit



Miscellaneous Goodies

□ Sun screen

□ First aid kit

□ Prescription medications (if needed)

□ Games/Activities (for bad weather, when it’s too hot, etc)

□ Chain or cable and locks to secure bikes at night
   (never had a problem but better safe than sorry)

Some things to do before you come

Most of these functions should also be done before each ride.


Clean air filters

□ Check tires, wheels and spokes

□ Check all fasteners

□ Check oil levels

□ Check coolant levels on water-cooled vehicles

□ Oil cables

□ Gas up your rides

More Pre Trip Tips

□ Pre-cool fridge or ice chest a day before the trip

□ Check weather and prepare accordingly

Let someone know where you are going and when you expect to be back


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