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God's Top 10 Pet Peeves

Number 10:
Christians who say, "God told me...", when I haven't spoken to them in years.

Number 9:
Masses that the masses can't understand.

Number 8:
Parishioners who make change in the collection plate.

Number 7:
Preachers who exaggerate their crowd size and salvation statistics.

Number 6:
Slick haired, shiney suited preaches who think they're my gift to the world.

Number 5:
Never hearing from people until they're in deep trouble.

Number 4:
Boring sermons that put me to sleep.

Number 3:
Church contributions
reported to the IRS that don't match the actual amount given.

Number 2:
Stained glass cathedrals with empty pews.

And the Number 1 pet peeve of God is . . .
(YOU put YOURS here and we'll publish the best ones each week...)

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Here Are Your Responses Concerning God's #1 Pet Peeve:

Poulsbo, Washington, USA:
The "righteous" who show up in church
twice a year -- Christmas and Easter.

South Lanarkshire, Scotland:
(People who say,)"That was a wonderful message
to give THEM this morning...THEY really needed it..."

Kentucky, USA:
Those who forgive with their mouths but not their hearts.

Bakersfield, California, USA:
People who TALK about My forgiveness but live a life of judgment.

Lodi, California, USA:
Judgmental children.

Tunnel Hill, Georgia, USA:
Those who claim to love Me, but never come to My house to worship.

Hannah Farm, Rural, Iowa, USA:
Negative Prayers that cannot be allowed into My Positive Heavenly Presence.

Somewhere in the world....
Christians who listen to others' troubles, promising to pray for them -- and then they don't! (They should pray WITH them right on the spot!)

Dickenson, Texas, USA:
Those who preach what others should do, while not doing it themselves.

Rhonert Park, CA, USA:
Preachers who make assumptions at funerals like, "I know he never went to church, but he was a good man and I'm sure he loved God in his heart he knew God and is being welcomed into heaven right now." Preachers need to be more honest and share the message of redemption. Something like, "We can't know what was in his heart or whether or not he accepted Jesus as Savior, but here's what the Bible says: ... and if you haven't here's your chance...."

Longview, TX, USA:
People who go to church and call themselves Christians but look down on others because they're of a different race, poor, illiterate, fat, thin, wrong address, etc.
(There is one only one race, human; and one family, His).

Marshall, Texas, USA:
Saying, "I can't do that!", when God told us to do "that".

MaryAnn from Toms River, NJ:
P R I D E!

Somewhere in the World:
People sitting on the front pews who pretend they are saved when they are really lost.

Linda, from somewhere ELSE in the World:
Sunday only, surface Christians.

Jill, from Web TV:
Those who KNOW the Word, and SPEAK the Word, but fail to gain understanding of what they say BEFORE it comes out their mouth. (which is usually done loudly)

Perry, from somewhere in the World:
Some foolish people who believe they must add to what Christ did at the cross, thinking...."He couldn't have paid for it ALL..."

Maxine, from ?
Christians who use "going to church" as an excuse for not helping someone in trouble.

Carolyn Stewart from Vancouver, BC
Those who forget to "Be still and know that I am God." (Ps 46:10)

Roy Bullard from ?
People who think that putting change in the collection plate upsets God. Remember the widow's mite?

Angie, "Clinging to the Cross!" North Carolina
Those who put a question mark where God put the period! God spoke it, it happened and that's the end of it! (It's called the "Big Bang Theory!")

Mary Lee Tosky from somewhere on the WWW
People who do harm to God's other children in God's name.

Angie Austin from ?
People living in sin who try to witness to the lost.

Rev. Hans Myors from ?
People who wear Christianity on their sleeve and not in their heart.
Those who deny His Son, Jesus

Smiling Sandy Campbell
Those who say they are Christians who never smile and are always so very serious.

Ray in Indiana
Pastors who select one or two obscure passages of scripture, and try to build an entire doctrine around it, instead of teaching the WHOLE BIBLE!

Selina in Newfoundland
Those who sing to the Lord in church with their lips -- but not with their hearts.

When Christians listen to and repeat, preachers' teaching without first confirming it in the Word.

Miguel Jurna, Pastor of First Baptist Church, Marsyville, CA
When people say, "I don't need to go to church - I have Jesus in my heart."

Frances Knoll from
Christians who think they were born being a Christian.

Jon Fry from Pennsylvania
"Born again" Christians, who are obnoxious about it.