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Emergency Phone Numbers

May Be Dialed Direct!
No Operator Assistance Necessary!
All Lines Open To Heaven 24 Hours A Day!
Feed Your Faith and Doubt Will Starve To Death

Need Help Fast?Call Jeremiah 33:3
Feel Sorrowful? Call John 14:1-23
People Fail You? Call Psalm 27
You've Sinned? Call Psalm 51
Worried?? Call Matthew 6:19-34
In Danger? Call Psalm 91
God Seems Far Away? Call Psalm 139
Your Faith Needs Stirring? Call Hebrews 11
Lonely and Fearful? Call Psalm 23
Feeling Bitter & Critical? Call Call 1 Corinthians 13
Feel Down and Out? Call Romans 8:31-39
Need Peace and Rest? Call Matthew 11:25-30
Need Courage? Call Joshua 1
Concerned About Investments? Call Mark 10
Depressed? Call Psalm 27
No Money? Call Psalm 37

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