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Defamation In Canadian Cyberspace

Introduction :  The Role of the Internet in Defamation Law in Canada Defamation : The History of Defamation Law, Libel and Slander, Tort Elements, Slander of Goods

Defences : Absolute Privilege, Justification,Fair Comment,  Innocent Dissemination, ... Cyberlibel : Primary and Secondary Liability, E-Mail, Newsgroups, Analogous Real Space Examples

Liability : ISP Liability, Caselaw, Results in Canada... Conclusion : The Charter, Suggestions and Recommendations

Reference : Related Sites

Introduction - Defamation - Defences - Cyberlibel - Liability - Conclusion - Reference

Prepared for Professor Michael Geist's CML 3995B - Internet Communications at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law by Sundeep Chauhan

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