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Out on the road--Randy's home page

Please be patient as this page loads....eventually, i'll have a streamlined version for those of you that can't handle all the graffix and java

"I need a miracle EVERYDAY!!"

Hits for all my friends! I HIGHLY recommend checking out this link!


SCI NYE PIX!!!(loads alil slow, but definitely worth the wait!)

TAPERS~~something EVERY taper encounters!

Want to know what the hell DAT is?



cdR primer:making your own cd's

Another cd primer


VENDORS For all your related needs! Blank Tape, Home&Studio Equipment, LIVE Taping Equipment, Accessories, Service, ect....

DATheads homepage

dap1 technical info page

DAT Informative Links

DATheads homepage

DAT page info

Guitar Tabs, guitar references, chords, ect...

For all your
setlist needs

Ken and Susan's Fun Page DooDah Trees

Custom Tape Covers

MIX magazine online

~~excellent P.A's!!

Clair Bros.

Meyer Sound Laboratories

Eastern Acoustic Works~~I use these rigs frequently.

Some other audio-related sites

SCI's Archive/Info


SCI song statistics very nice fan site!

SCI's Analog Tape Flips Archive, this let's ya know what length of tapes you need for a particular show as well as where to do the tapeflips if yer xferring from DAT/cdR to cassette

SCI Tab List

Kdub!, the one man wonder!



Panic Web(Spreadbase)

Homepage for Zero and KVHW

Karl Denson's Tiny Universe

Bruce Hornsby


Tour dates for some bands of interest....


When at all possible, get your tickets throughGDTS TOO, for all other shows, there's Ticketbastard Online, Basstard Tix Online,and Ticketweb

Please check out Blaniak Productions Home Pagefor all your video needs.

The Onion

Be sure to check out Laughing Moon's site!

High Times Magazine Online

Rainbow Family

Friend's Pages
& Tapelists

SoCal music Resources!!

Picture Gallery

Words to live by...(random poetry, etc.)

Looking for FREE
email and webhosting??

The Great Outdoors


Downloadable Games

American Greetings

Virtual Flowers

My Resume

Keep an eye out for my cdRlist!

I'll soon have my list of video's on this site as well!