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Site Changes
Nothing to see here Welcome to my site


Well, I've managed to complete in the last time I've updated this site:

COLLEGE: AAIT, BSP and MSIOP (basically, 8 years of school).

Martial Arts: Black Belts in Enshindo and Okinawan Kobudo, Green belt in Judo, Chudan in Iaido, and more. (8 years of Martial Arts)

SCUBA Certifications: Open Water, Advanced, Dry Suit, Computer, Boat, Ice, Rescue Diver, Buoyancy, and Nitrox

Comptia: A+ and Internet+ certified.

So, yeah... I've been a bit busy! I will be spending a LITTLE more time with this site as time permits. Don't expect miracles.

I'm sorry, no new Whitley episodes. It is also getting replaced with some writing samples, etc... so if you want 'em, grab 'em soon!

I doubt anyone has been on this site in years. If you read this, thank you. I'll be back with more as soon as I get some time!

****SITE IN PROGRESS (since '05. DOH!!!)**********

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