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The Tick Board Game

You might be thinking, "Board game! Cool! I must have it! The Tick is God!" Or, you might be thinking, "Heyy, Gomer Pyle's on!" Or you might be thinking, "Boy, is she pretty." But the first thought is the one you should be thinking! Besides the 'God' part... a little too obsessive.

Well, once upon a time, in 1995, I went up to visit my grandparents in Chico, California. Well, my grandma is super-nice, so when I asked her if we could go to the mall, she said, "Um, okay, yeah." Wow! You must remember, I was young and foolish. I meen, I coodnt even spel rite. Anyway, we went to a Kaybee's toy store, or a Toys R Us, or a comic book store (I can't remember which). I was looking for Tick toys and stuff, and I stumbled upon the game.

Yep, I saw it plain and simple: The Tick: Hip Deep in Evil. I saw the Big Blue Guy, Arthur, American Maid, and Die Fledermaus. But then there were the villians. Oh the villains. There was Dinosaur Niel, El Seed, Chairface Chippendale, and the Breadmaster. So I saw them heroes, and I says, they need help, I says. So then I says, I says, "Gran'ma, can we get this?" and she said, "Um, okay, yeah." Wow!

So that's how I got it. Okay, now you know where to get it. Now, you ask, what's so cool about this game? Well, the cover is cool... but you wanna know how to play it, right? Well, here's the manual thingy!

Object: Collect as many Good Guy and Bad Guy tokens (haven't used good guy since age 7, heh heh) as possible so you can have the highest score.

Two player play 18 rounds, the the Final Battle (dumm dumm!)

Three and four players play 12 rounds, then the Final Battle (dumm dumm!)

Conetents: Gameboard, Good Guy Tokens, Bad Guy Tokens (hee hee!), Tick Talk Cards (when are people gonna stop saying Tick Talk? It's being used all over the place! You never see 'Beatle Talk' or 'Van Halen Talk,' do ya?), Time Card, Scoring Cards, Final Edition cards, Final Battle (dumm dumm) cards, Chairface Chippendale Moon Disks, Breadmaster cards, El Seed Battle Disk, Tick Movers, Arthur Mover, Mover stands, Dice, Label Sheet

Set up: