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Cool Jerk's Bio

Cool Jerk
The Mage of Myrth
Self Employed
Professional Wizard
Myrth, Oceana
Available for immediate employment to rescue fair maidens, slay dragons and despots.
Kingdoms returned to rightful owners.
Party members needed. Inquire within.

Orbiting the star Sirius, millions of miles away from any other intelligent life, a tiny ball of hot water is home to the Supreme ArchMage. Sirus is three times the mass of your own star, and sixty times brighter; its huge bloated mass spans the entire horizon of the humid world of Oceana.

Oceana is a world eighty-five percent of water and getting wetter, as the baleful fury of Sirius erodes her diminutive polar ice caps year by year. Oceana is a world younger than your own, wedded to a star with but a fraction of the life expectancy of Sol. It is a world burning the candle at both ends, enjoying twice the light in half the time, and spinning all the faster toward annihilation and the Void.

Her surface is dotted with ten thousand islands. Some are home to thriving civilization, while others are all that remain of greater achievements long since sunk beneath the waves. Oceana is a violent world of capricious storms, where natural geographic barriers and hostile sea life hold people and empires apart. In no time of her history has Oceana known unified rule.

Of all the islands of Oceana, the most fabled by far is Myrth, "The Land Where The Sun Sets." Located on a score of nautical charts, each time in a different place, Myrth is always just over the horizon. It is the home to all that is best of Oceana - the home of her eldest empire; the seat of her finest culture; the lair of her most terrible beasts. It is an isle of dragons and a destination of pilgrims. This is the home of Cool Jerk, the Mage of Myrth.

A tower is nestled in the plains just south of Myrth. Within these chambers the Mage of Myrth has made preperations to find some stalwart adventurers to bring to Oceana to help combat Namtar, the Beast From The Pit. Having set up a portal, the Mage of Myrth made his way to your world. He learned of many warriors and magic casters who dwell upon the cyber highway, a realm fabled on Oceana. It is his hope to find those worthy enough to journey back with him to face Namtar and finally bring peace to his beloved homeland.