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Tribute to Thomas Gibson

Also known as Greg from the hit abc comedy "Dharma and Greg",Thomas Gibson's character, 'Gregory Clifford Montgomery', is a straight laced U.S. attorney, married to wild and wacky Dharma (Jenna Elfman). Thomas is the youngest of four children, whose father left his mother when he was 6. Growing up, Thomas excelled in baseball, golf, swimming, soccer, and football, but like his character Greg, he always got mad at himself for not making the perfect shots. The same way Jenna is a lot like Dharma, Thomas shares Greg's need for perfection. "[Greg] resubmits things that don't work to a revised attack," Thomas says. "That's something I can identify with." His co-star Jenna Elfman (Dharma) agrees, "He's particular about certain things."
"He doesn't like it when things don't go right. But he's funny about it," she says, speaking of the way he went on about the problems he was having with his new Mercedes-Benz. It seems though, like his perfection paid off, as he's doing very well in his current role in "Dharma and Greg". "He has the perfect humor, with 100 percent leading-man sex appeal," says his Jenna Elfman, of why she picked him for the role of Greg. "He has a gentlemanliness and a sexiness and a humor and a charm, and you don't usually find [that] mix."

Thomas Gibson's Stats

Born on July 3rd (He's 36)
in Charleston, South Carolina
Dark hair, brown eyes, 6'2", and married to wife Cristina *cringe*.
Where you might see him:

He plays Greg on "Dharma & Greg"

He used to be on "Chicago Hope", as Dr. Daniel Nyland (you can still catch re-runs on Lifetime, beginning August 17th).

Thomas on Chicago Hope

The made-for-television movies he was in:

"The Devil's Child"


"The Kennedys of Massachusetts"

"Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City"

"The Inheritance"

He was recently in NBC's mini-series "A Will of Their Own", with Lea Thompson.

His debut performance in David Hare's "A Map of the World" at the New York Shakespeare Festival's Public Theatre.

His other theatrical performances:
Prince Hal in "Henry IV, Parts I and II"

"Twelfth Night"


His Broadway performances include:
"Hay Fever"

"The Miser"

His Film credits include:
"Far and Away" in which he co-starred Tom Cruise and Nichole Kidman.

"Love and Human Remains"

"The Age of Innocence"


"Night Visitors"

"Sleep With Me"

A Pic or Two More:
Thomas's character Greg(Dharma & Greg), is on the cover of TV Guide, as one of TV's 10 Best Dressed. Here's the short Q+A :
TVGuide: Describe your character's look.
<br><font color= Thomas Gibson: Standard regulation kid from a fairly well-off boarding-school background becomes a Fed and needs a date. That's before Dharma. Now he tries to look good for her.
TVG: And your own look?
Gibson: Stylish but not silly.
TVG: Are you actively involved in Greg's look?
Gibson: We collaborate.
TVG: What would you steal from your TV wardrobe?
Gibson: I don't wear suits often, but it's nice to have a wardrobe I can borrow from.
TVG: Has Greg's look influenced yours?
Gibson: I've started to wear pajamas. I think that's his (Greg's) secret sartorial passion.
TVG: My costume supervisor Bonnie Nipar is a genius because...
Gibson: She has stamped each of the characters in a completely believable way.
TVG: Whom would you like to dress like?
Gibson: Gary Cooper and all those guys who made it cool to look good.
TVG: What is Greg thinking when he's getting dressed in the morning?
Gibson: "I'm late for work."
TVG: Anything you won't wear?
Gibson: Sandals. My wife, Cristina, keeps saying, "Those would be really cool," and I keep saying, "Nope. Can't go there."
End-Sizing up Thomas: "He has excellent taste," says costume supervisor Nipar. "He's mad for Zegna."

That's about it folks, but here are the two pictures I promised...he looks really good in the second one! Actually, he looks good all the time, so I take that last bit back!

Cover Shot
His suit, shirt, and tie by Ermenegildo Zegna.

Inside Pic
His jacket and pants by Sulka; sweater by Ermenegildo Zegna; shoes by Giorgio Armani.


Thomas Gibson Image Gallery in the works!
Gallery will include some pictures from Thomas' first shot at modeling, when he was asked personally by Tommy Hilfiger to model the new line of clothing.

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