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"Encyclopaedia of the Chinese Armed Forces and National Defence"



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This comprehensive reference work has been compiled with the permission of the Chinese Central Military Commission, and is the definitive authority in its field. It is the most extensive work of its kind in Chinese history, and is almost unique from an international perspective.

The Chinese military has always been surrounded by a certain mystique, but the Encyclopaedia of the Chinese Armed Forces and National Defence lifts this veil by offering a complete account of its organisation, structure and strategies.

This is a unique opportunity for anyone interested in the Chinese armed forces. In addition to detailing all aspects of the Chinese military, this magnificent encyclopaedia also offers fundamental information on defence work from an international perspective.

The Encyclopaedia of the Chinese Armed Forces and National Defence consists of 11 volumes, with more than 15 million Chinese characters, and a total of around 10,000 references, divided into 7 different groups, and covering 57 different disciplines in the field of military science.

The latest printing techniques and materials make this a publication of the very highest standard, and its 10,000 unparalleled illustrations put it on a par with the world's greatest works.

The Encyclopaedia of the Chinese Armed Forces and National Defence is available at an extremely reasonable price. More than 5,000 experts, both military and civilian, have worked for ten years to complete it.

Irrespective of profession or nationality, our readers will quickly see the value of this magnificent work.


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