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Write me at: Charles F. Shepherd

Charles F. Shepherd
Oregon Department of Corrections - Inmate Mail
Institution: OSP SID: 16760136
2605 State Street
Salem, Oregon 97310-0505

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website created end of November 1998
[update Aug 28 1999]
[update Feb 19 2000]
[update Jan 21 2001]
[update Oct 18 2002]

The following page is about Charles Shepherd, my son. No longer in his teens, he unfortunately got in trouble, and is currently incarcerated in Oregon (Ontario). Would you like to write him? Be his pen pal. First read these earlier details, when he was younger. He is still a good person, and I know a little encouragement would cheer him up. (note by Bob Shepherd, Charles's Dad)

This website is about my life. I call it Planet Chuck. Chuck is my nick name. My real name is Charles Finney. I was born on October 21, 1983 at home.

My mom's name was Linda Shannon Shepherd and my dad is Robert. My mother passed away in 2006. (We lived in Cottonwood in northern California). I grew up in two different places, both of them small towns in Northern California. Now I am in an Oregon facility (Deschutes).

Even though I had some hard times I try to roll with the punches so it makes me a stronger and all around a better guy. Plus I've had the chance to meet a lot of awesome people like my fishing friends.

I am approximately 5 foot 10 and weigh almost 165 pounds. I have short blond hair and blue eyes. I love to work out. I love football and most kinds of sports.

I loved the horses that I met when I helped out on a ranch, which we call River Oaks. You can write me if you want. But back to sports. I sometimes think about getting into professional sports, but who knows.

Whether I make it into sports or not, I can still stay in shape. I ride my mountain bike and plan on going on some trails with my brother who lives in Oregon.

I also love to write. I was working on a book that I called The White Cell. It was about a boy who is mentally disabled, and his parents get a divorce and then his dad turns into a jerk.

Anyway, I had a really awesome dog, named Darby. He was black lab and queensland heeler. He was not that big but he was really brave. I have already lost three dogs. The first dog I lost was Vacho, he was taken to a pound and put to sleep. Then like 3 or 4 yrs later, we got Rex and then a few months later, he died of a dog driven disease called parvo. A horrible disease. Then Pepper, my third dog, died of parvo too. Then 6 months later we got Darby. Then, after that, we had Junior Darby. He was Darby's son and so neat. He was also black like his dad Darby.

Then if that wasn't enough, Junior was hit along with my retriever, Lady. My best friends for several yrs were Joshua, Patrick, and Dan. Next, I had a friend named Sherree. She was also into the same kind of music as me at that time. Now she lives in San Francisco and is married. Plus she has her own designer's store.

Want to see a picture of a fish I caught? Here's what happened. We went fishing on Grace Creek in eastern Shasta County. Guess what. I got the first fish and it was awesome. An 18 inch German Brown Trout. What a beauty. Then my friend Jai got a Rainbow Trout only one half inch longer. What a great fishing day. Click to see the trout. Left to right, Jason, me, Carl, Jai, and David.

After I moved away from Riverside, David died. That was a shock. Wow. I have had too much bad stuff in my life!

Salisbury High School
Student of the Year

In 9th grade, I was in a school named Rebound, and before that I went to school in Redding CA. Now I am out of school and need 20 credits to graduate. The high school I went to was Salisbury, and I only won't graduate till I get the 20 credits.I am lucky. They have great staff, and great students, too (with a few slight exceptions). However my favorite teacher was fired by the new principal. I still had a lot of good times these past years.(2000-2002). I was elected to the student council. I did okay on my school work. I successfully helped in fundraising for the school, PLUS I was selected "Student of the Year." !! Verdad !! Not bad for an ordinary guy like me. Heh?

Live Oak - link humorous creation.
Hey. Even rural areas need advanced, elite schools of this calibre. (My cousin Stephen graduated from "Live Oak High School.")

When I was staying in Palo Cedro, my Highland House went to Patrick's Point. Over on the Pacific Coast. I remeber all of the fresh green land and cool, clean air. So cool and nice. I found a perfect sand dollar then it got chipped. I hated that. Four days we were over there. Then had to come back for school. Ummm. I like my school but I didnt want that vacation to end. Oh well.

Anybody like football? I love the local team -- San Francisco Forty-Niners. I respect them, but guess what. The teams I also have some respect for are the Steelers and the Vikings.

The sport I played the most in Palo Cedro was (my Highland neighborhood) basketball. I played probably a couple hours a night. Lots of fun. We kept having to change the net. Another problem. The yard sloped down to a little creek so we were always chasing the ball. We got some old ply wood. Made a sort of fence.

Then, my best indoor games are either Nintindo or TV. I absolutely love Mortal Kombat on Nintindo. My brothers and I fight over who is next. My other fav Nintendo64 game is ZELDA. I also play chess fairly a lot, and a few different solitaire card games. On rec days we watch movies sometimes.

My music interests are changing a little bit. I was into rap. What a shame about 2pac. I liked his song "Dear Momma." But he's no longer around. Then I was into punk rock and r.e.m. [a 80's british rock band]. As far as my own music, I tried guitar for a while. I am fairly much into music, but won't talk any more about it right now.

Hey, here's a kick. I recently had two of my poems published by Passions in Poetry. My Brother Matt (now in Boulder Colorado) used to play around with his bands (Barefoot Army, and Simon bar Sinister), and has even put music to the songs I write. But he's so busy (he's a gourmet chef -- and is engaged), and I'm so busy, we don't get together much for good jam time. Creativity takes time, you know.

I still work out and hope I can keep doing it in the school year. My friend Robert and me have been doing laps almost every day. At Highland we had a big church parking lot right in our neighborhood. I went to Remi Vista then. Last year, we just had a huge fire there. Like really a major fire. It got very close to our house. We had to go south of Red Bluff to a safe zone, on a ranch. Luckily, the firefighters got the fire stopped before it hit our highland neighborhood. It was like sweeping along really FAST. There were hundreds and hundreds of firefighters from all over the country helping to fight all the blazes. Maybe some even from your area, too. Do you know? My dad made a place on his web page that goes "Hats Off to Heroes" and it is about the firefighters.

Well, thanks for visiting my Home Planet. I guess itz time to say G'bye Mate. I would love to be your pen pal, if I have time this school year. Would you want to write me? I have a possible screen address for snail mail (write me with pen and paper).

Write me at: Charles F. Shepherd

Charles F. Shepherd
Oregon Department of Corrections - Inmate Mail
Institution: OSP SID: 16760136
2605 State Street
Salem, Oregon 97310-0505

Otherwise. Follow the yellow brick road. See ya in OZ. And watch out for m'roos, Mate. Have fun this year at your school. And by all means, please sign my guestbook, under the Pix. Semper FIVE, everyone.


If you open the following picture it is me (a lot younger!) in 1995 with some of my brothers and sisters. We were in Cresent City, at the City Park by the beach. I am wearing the green and black shirt.
Crescent City Pic

Grandpa Shannon This is me with my grandpa, Clarence Shannon.
(Want to see one of more recent pictures of me? October 2002.

Click for me kicking Cross Country Meet
Click for me and my bro's with two Trout

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