Ma Burke's Roominghouse

Spend it ALL on Celtic Music!

"It is Death that gives meaning
to Life, but it might have done
just as well if it had been only
one of several possibilities . . ."
~ Ma

  • Parlor Poetry
    and Philosophy
    . . .and some (mostly Celtic) LINKS

  • Stories for a dark and stormy. . .

  • Ma's Roominghouse
    Recipes (vegetarian)

  • Herb Garden
    and Kitchen Ideas

  • Ma's Craft, Crochet,
    and Sewing Projects:

    . .
    How to make an
    Irish Dance Dress Coverup
    . . .illustrated directions
    . . . Convert any
    man's or boy's shirt to an

    Irish Dance Shirt. . .
    How to show ALL THOSE MEDALS?
    Try this
    Display Chain.
    Make a Custom Dressform,
    with Faux Abalone Finish
    And MORE TO COME. . .

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