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Welcome, Student!

Thank you for your interest in the California Illuminati.

The California Illuminati is organized in such a fashion so that each degree is taught by those only slightly above, so the "internet students" have been placed in the charge of Fratre V.E.C. By e-mailing him, you are now considered to officially be a Student of the California Illuminati. Before you may pass to the degree of Probationer, a time period of one year from the date of your e-mail must elapse, at which time, if you send us another e-mail to show you are still interested, you will be sent a test. The test is to see if you have a rudimentary intellectual and experiential knowledge of magic.

To prepare for the test, any good introductory text should do, such as Kraig's book mentioned elsewhere in this site, or Regardie's Golden Dawn, Denning and Philips' three volume set, or others you may find. The test will be oriented along Ceremonial Magic lines, and not Wiccan. You may feel that you should not have to wait a year; that you may already know enough to pass our test. You may be correct, but we must have some method of sorting out the serious students from dilettantes.

See you in one year.