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Poems... Stories... Songs...

Hey everyone! I am starting this new site for obviously, poems, stories, songs, and sound clips. I'm hoping that I can add some of my friend's work as well as your's. ^_^ If you want to add some of your stuff, send it to: Make the subject title according to what you're sending and want to put up. I cannot guarantee that it'll get on this site. I will send you a confirmation though saying that it will or won't be put up here. If you just want to send me regular e-mail, just to talk, then you can send it to If you send any of your work to the latter address, it will not get posted on this site. Only original work will be accepted. Notice the address difference so you don't make a mistake and send it to the wrong address. The first one, does not have 16 in it, the second one does.

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Remember, that you are not allowed to use, or take any of the work that is at this site. If you would like to use any of it, you must contact either me, or the writer first. All of the work featured here at this site is original, created by people with imaginary minds, and awesome individuals! Remember to keep sending in stuff!

Below is a sound clip from one of my favorite songs. It's by my fave band the W's. If you want a link to their site, go to . I don't have it memorized so I just have to give you a link to my other links site. Making any sense?? Well, listen to the song. It's one of the best!

Here's the stuff!




And on an extra note.... Here are some words on behalf of my site... by me of course. ^_^

The one and only site about yours truely! A must see. ^_^ Big ego huh? *L*

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Poems... Stories... Songs...