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Le Blason des Chevaliers de Brienne en Angleterre, en Irlande et en Amerique du Nord

The Coat of Arms of the Knights of Brienne in England, Ireland and North America

The coats of arms here are displayed for historical purposes and are not Bryan family coats of arms but belong to the individuals that are listed

Coat of Arms of the Knights de Bryan



Three Piles of Substance

The de Brionne de Brienne Hypotheses
Heraldry can be an important part of genealogy. In the case of the Bryan/Bryant/de Bryan family line, you can see the three piles are a common ordinaries for this family. There is a dispute as to where this family comes from before Sir Guy de Bryan the first. The two hypothsis are that they come from the de Brionne family or that they come from the de Brienne family. The coat of arms may provide a clue to where this family comes from.
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Three Piles of Substance
An article by John Campbell-Kease from "The Coat of Arms" an heraldic quarterly magazine published by The Heraldry Society.
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Last revised: October 06, 1999.