Compomicro-Dexall is the Bay Area’s finest free-mad duo, venturing the way of noise, free-jazz, punk, grindcore, and 20th century classical/experimental. Current members are Mike Guarino on drums, percussion, electric guitar, effects and Jake Rodriguez on voice, electric bass, effects. Pieces are arranged with blurry lines separating the movements and an emphasis on improvisation and dislocation of anything familiar. Parts are practiced tight to be performed wrong, while the “free” sections come together like thoroughly rehearsed pieces of music. The desired result from the audience is the misperception that the “written parts” are actually the improvised sections while the “improvised” parts come off like the written sections. Future performances may include other Bay Area mad-folk, as several Compomicro-Dexall BIG BAND pieces are currently under construction. Guarino and Rodriguez have been playing together since 1995 in various configurations, and under various names including Livestock and Topple.

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