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Well, I am sure as all of you can guess: I AM NOT HAPPY WITH THE CURRENT STORYLINE. I was so exstatic when Bo brought Hope back, and got her rid of Gina (I actually HUGGED the TV, when they hugged!) But how long did that last?? A whole 2 SECONDS??!! That is NOT enough! Anyone who knows the love Bo and Hope share, will agree with me. They deserve much more than they are getting from the writers. They are downplaying Bo...there is NO way he could think that Princess Gina is Hope! And, I mean, haven't we seen this amnesia story somewhere before?? I haven't watched the show since Bo left Hope in Paris (how could he possibly think that she was safe from Stefano all-of-a-sudden??? COME ON!) I do know what is going on, though, because of mikeR's site, and my friends. You know, I could sit here,and go on and on about all the things that Bo and Hope should be and should have... but I think you all already know where I'm coming from. So, I decided, wouldn't it be good to have a plea to the writers, and just tell them why I (and all of you) need some happiness in the Brady's lives? So here I go!!!



Please...bring back the old Bo and Hope!!! I'm not talking about old actors, I'm talking about the love they once shared. The moments they had that lasted longer than 5 minutes, and weren't months apart from each other. Bring back the connection they shared...the way they always knew when the other was in trouble, and didn't EVER dismiss that feeling. Bring back the unconditional love they shared. I know they still share it, and it'll never go away, but let us all see that it is still there. Bo and Hope were my main reason of watching DAYS when I first began. One of the first episodes I ever remember seeing was when Hope was presumed dead in the avalanche. I fell in love with them the second I saw them, and it hasn't ever faded, only gotten stronger. They have given me this unknown belief in true love, and because of them, I know that love is out there, and I want it so much. Don't deprive a new generation of fans...let us see what makes everyone love Bo and Hope. Bring it all back!! Please!!


Lisa Marie xoxox....

I encourage EVERYONE to tell the writers what their opinions on the show are! Come on, don't be afraid! Just say what you gotta say. You can do it! You can do it! You can do it!

To write by hand, the address is:

Days of our Lives

c/o NBC Burbank

3000 W. Alameda Ave., Studios 2 & 4

Burbank, CA 91523

And to email your opinions and comments (and pleas!!):

Maybe WE can help save Bo and Hope. It's completely worth a shot, wouldn't you say?????

A HUGE thank you to mikeR for letting me borrow his well taken stills for my page!! Visit his site to see more!!!

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