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A BIG thank you to everyone who took the time out to fill out my DAYS poll! Your contributions were very much appreciated. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to give you the results, but I have been very busy lately, and since I've been home sick these past 2 days, I hve found some time to work on it. And now for the BIG moment (drum role please....).....The results!!!!!

Of all the people voted, you want to bring back KRISTEN BLAKE the most, with 19 votes. Congrats Kristen!

Runners up are:

Jennifer Horton (13 votes)

Steve "Patch" Johnson (7 votes)

Jack Devereaux (5 votes)

Susan Banks (4 votes)

Mike Horton & Kayla Brady (3 votes)

Shane Donovan & Carly Manning (2 votes)

Roman Brady, Kim Brady, Victor Kirikas, Tony DiMera, Julie Williams, Abby Devereaux, Laura Horton, Anna DiMera, and Calliope (1 vote)

Of all the people voted as most beautiful (inside and out) the winner was KRISTIAN ALFONSO with 37 votes!!! You're the best, Kristian!!

Runners up are:

Peter Reckell (9 votes)

Frances Reid (6 votes)

Christie Clark, Jensen Ackles, Drake Hogestyn and Julianne Morris (3 votes)

Eileen Davidson, Roark Critchlow, Austin Peck, Krista Allen (2 votes)

Alison Sweeny, Peggy McCay, and Renée Jones (1 vote)

The House that most of you would like to live in is ALICE HORTON's house, with a total of 33 votes!! What can we say, Gran, you keep a good house. And the yummy smell of doughnuts is a bonus!

Runners up are:

Marlena's Penthouse (25 votes)

The DiMera Mansion (11 votes)

For best storyline, JOHN AND HOPE'S SEARCH FOR THEIR PAST won, with 54 votes!!!

Runners up are:

Stefano is Caught By Vivian (a little outdated) (23 votes)

Austin and Sami on the run (also outdated) (7 votes)

And, last but not least, the Days' character most of you would want to be is HOPE WILLIAMS BRADY, with a total of 25 votes! Everyone loves her caring sweet qualities, her independance, her strength, her love for her friends family and Bo. Having the love of Bo, and getting to kiss him was another adoring factor! Hope is impossible not to love.

Runners up are:

Carrie Brady (7 votes)

Sami Brady (6 votes)

Bo Brady and Greta Von Amberg (4 votes)

Marlena Evans-Black and Shawn Douglas Brady (2 votes)

Belle Black, Caroline Brady, Stefano DiMera, Kate Roberts, Nancy Wesley, Kristen Blake, and Lexie Carver (1 vote).

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks once again to all of you who participated in the poll!!

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