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Kristian Alfonso
Kristian Alfonso


You know her, you love her, and how could you not. Kristian is beautiful inside and out. As an actress, she's stunning. Not to mention the fact that she plays one of televisions sweetest and most independant characters, Hope Alice Williams Brady. This is one woman you can't help but love. We're not the only ones who think so either. Listen to what Peter Reckell had to say about our dear Kristian to Soap Opera Digest:

"You don't get to see the best of this woman. I get to see who she is inside. There is a beautiful woman inside this beautiful body, so I am pretty lucky to get a chance to be around her. The best part about being reunited with Kristian has been that we have this amazing history together. Our past is filled with mountains, hills and valleys, and that makes our working and personal relationship that much more special."

Kristian Alfonso is my all-time favorite actress. As I have said before, I think she is nothing less than amazing. She inspires me, and I admire her with all my heart. Kristian Joy Alfonso was born on September 5th, in Brockton, Mass. When she was younger, she was a figure skater. She won a gold medal in the Junior Olympics at the age of 13. Kristian started modeling after an unfortunate bobsledding accident left her unableto skate. By the age of 15, she had graced the covers of over 30 magazines.

Kristian debuted on Days of our Lives in 1983. She remained there, as Hope Williams Brady, the love of Bo Brady's life, until 1987. She returned to Days for a short time in 1990, but left again until 1994, where she returned as Gina. Gina later discovered she was really Hope, and since then, Kristian has remained on Days. Her current storyline has everyone up in emotion. Personally, I say BRING BACK HOPE!!!

Kristian currently lives in Los Angeles, where Days is filmed, with her son Gino. Gino was named after Kristian's father, with whom she is very close. Kristian, infact, is close with all her family, and says they come before anythig else in her life. You will always notice her thanking them when she wins awards. I'm telling you, this woman is awesome.

Has Kristian changed your life? Are you a HUGE fan of hers? Is there something you wish you could say to her? Go for it!! Say what you gotta say! Who's it gonna hurt? Leave a message in the below dream book, made just for you to express your love for our dear Kristian. Come on, give it a shot.

How Much Do You Love Kristian??

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